We are recognized statewide in Tennessee for our success working with people with intellectual disabilities presenting the most complex mental, behavioral, and health challenges.

The main foundations of our service are to develop the most positive, caring relationship with the person served and to protect persons from harm.

About Our History

In 2001, after years of false hope, the mother of a young man with autism visualized a new way to support her son. Her name was Vickie. Vickie was weary of agencies trying to make her son adapt to their ways, their structures, and their rules. She visualized a model where the care would be created around her son rather than the other way around.

Vickie’s goal was to develop the right supports for, and with, her son so he could have his best life. With that vision, Vickie picked some people to help her build that dream.

Vickie picked us and BSTN was born. BSTN would have never existed without the guidance of our clients and their parents and families. Today, Vickie's legacy is our inspiration to strive for the delivery of truthful, "person and family-centered" residential services.