We Provide:

Supported Living

Service that assists persons with:

  • - Personal hygiene tasks
  • - Dressing
  • - Meals
  • - Transportation
  • - Budget Management
  • - Healthcare Management
  • - Community Integration
  • - Home and Community Safety

Day Service

Service that enables a person to:

  • - Acquire, improve and maintain skills to live in the community

ABA-Behavior Services

ABA service targets the assessment and reduction of behavioral challenges that present a:

  • - Health risk to the person or others
  • - Safety risk to the person or others
  • - Interference with home activities
  • - Interference with community activities.

Additionally, ABA service targets the increase of functional communication and the increase of appropriate individual / social skills.

BSTN implements state-of-the-art technological advancements to improve personal outcomes, protection from harm and team communication.

BSTN technology was designed to give us deep insights into employee and client information, enabling us to make faster, more accurate decisions for day-to-day operations and crucial moments where every second counts.

Our exceptional team of professionals demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to improving the quality of life for our clients and their families through leadership in human services.