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Challenging Behaviors
 Physical Aggression 
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 Property Destruction 
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Subjective Assessment Of Risk And Need For Services In The Last 90 Days
Are any challenging behaviors life-threatening?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors provide a health risk to the person?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors interfere with learning?  Yes   No
Will any behaviors become serious in the near future if not treated?  Yes   No
Are any challenging behaviors dangerous to others?  Yes   No
Are any challenging behaviors of great concern to caregivers?  Yes   No
Are any challenging behaviors getting worse or not improving?  Yes   No
Has this been a problem for some time?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors damage materials?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors interfere with community acceptance?  Yes   No
Are psychotropic drugs used to control any challenging behavior?  Yes   No
Have any challenging behaviors resulted in police/court involvement?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors interfere with the person's Quality of Life?  Yes   No
Would other positive behaviors improve if any of the challenging ones improved?  Yes   No
Did any challenging behaviors require medical/nurse attention in the last 90 days?  Yes   No
Did any challenging behavior result in property damage in the last 90 days?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors require the use of protective equipment/restraint?  Yes   No
Do any challenging behaviors interrupt the individual's daily routine?  Yes   No
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