BSTN Services
BSTN provides residential, day and behavior therapy services to individuals diagnosed with autism, mental retardation, mental illness and traumatic brain injury in need of support.

We develop customized programs to assist each person in acquiring and maintaining independence, quality of life, physical and mental health in their residence and in the community.
Supported Living

Service that assists during:

Personal hygiene
Meal preparation
Household chores
Budget management
Attending appointments
Social skills
Medication administration

Behavior Services

Service that assists an enrollee

Assessment and amelioration of enrollee behaviors that presents a:

-Health risk to the enrollee
-Health risk to others
-Safety risk to the enrollee
-Safety risk to others
-Interferes with home activities
-Interferes with community activities

Day Service

Service that enables an enrollee to:

- Live in the community
-Participate in community activities
-Use of community resources
-Acquire and maintain employment
-Participate in planning for retirement

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